My JOYCE activities

At the end of 1985 I needed a text processsing system for a private project. The system should be easy to handle as well as inexpensive.

In those days no Microsoft Windows system was available but merely MS-DOS (version 2.11 if I remember correctly). Beneath the PC I had to buy a printer as well as a text processing program. The only alternative to such a package was the 8-bit machine JOYCE, which had come straight on the market as office computer („Bürocomputer“). Indeed the simple operation convinced me at that time: Unpack the machine, build up devices and switch it on - I could type my text immediately. Also the speed of the machine was very good compared to that one of the „big brothers“. The cost of the machine was maintainable, too. I still paid for the version with 256kByte RAM and a drive with 2x173kbyte capacity DM 2490,- (about € 1270,-) - from today's view an expensive price. It was of course annoying, when to the CeBit in 1986 the successor (with 512kByte RAM and a second drive with 706 kByte) was available for the same price. (While the JOYCE with the equipment I bought cost about DM 800,- (≈ € 400,-) less. Some more prices1 will be found here here).

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1. My first expansion was the parallel/serial interface CPS256 for DM 148,- (≈ € 76,-). The last expansion was a VORTEX hard disk System 2000 (20 MB) for DM 1398,- (≈ € 713,-).

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