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Over the years I found a lot of interesting articles which were very helpful for my programming activity. Between about 1976 and 1985 many magazines printed the full source code which could be integrated into own activities. Some of the articles are introduced here because I find they are very useful. [Some articles presented here are translated from English to German because I would like to publish them in one of the numerous JOYCE magazines.]
Opening words on the header of most articles are in German but held short.
The articles are taken directly from the original. Except for some tools I did not test the listings. But with a little help of the utility XIZ (Here with the counterpart XZI.COM as XIZI-3.LBR) I converted many of the 8080 sources into Z80 ones. Beneath assembler sources Basic and Pascal sources will found here, too. Most articles are suggestions for several own projects.
The description of some articles is still in progress, especially the program listings. These articles are shown here. They all were published once in the magazine Kilobaud-Microcomputing.

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