After using the JOYCE as a pure wordprocessor I decided to work with CP/M - an operating system unknown to me till then. Because I had a lot of experiences in assembler programming the 8080 CPU, the machine was a luck for me. Beginning with the assembler RMAC (later on with the Microsoft Assembler M80 and also with SLRMAC) I wrote a lot of tools. Due to relocatability of the generated code I started my own library with many useful routines (I did not know about the popular SYSLIB). The provided MALLARD-BASIC was very powerful according to my opinion and I wrote a lot of programs with this BASIC. But for me the best programming environment was indeed PASCAL 3.x. Since my emphasis was however on the assembler level, I took over many routines for my constantly growing library following BASIC and PASCAL (later also still at C)

Read the CP/M help file HELP.HLP for all tools I used on the JOYCE.

Just for fun: quotes about Real Programmers.

BASIC programs

Finally an overview about some of the assemblers I used.

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Last updated: 2014 May 22