The very first time I contacted JOYCE users „live" happened in Hamburg in 1985. There was a monthly meeting of users around the chairmain Detlef Gehring (to readers of the „Joyce-Klubzeitung" a well known person). Announced by advertisements in the magazine „PC-Schneider International" I got to know Günther Zachritz who started publishing booklets called „JOYCE-Revue" in 1986. Unfortunately he released two regular issues and one special edition only. In this special edition published in December 1986 my article referring to the JOYCE-Firmware - inspired by Cliff Lawson - has been printed. After working with great enthusiasm for this article and after quitting the publishing of the JOYCE-Revue I contacted Wolfram Schuchardt who pulished the "Joyce-News" since February 1987. In issues 2 and 3/87 my article about the JOYCE-Firmware was printed again. Because I concentrated on doing work on the serial line in the meantime an article referring to the „Interface-Programmierung" was printed in the double booklet 4+5/87 - unfortunarely these were the last issues. In addition my experience with the diasassembler tool „PRODIZ80" was printed, too. After disappearance of these two user magazines I was interested in the „A.S.U.C.A-Express" (Amstrad-Schneider-User-Club-Aachen) next. But these magazine was rather CPC computer related than JOYCE. In 1991 I got to know the „Joyce-User-AG e.V.". I am still active for them until today but less enthusiastic since I purchased a Windows PC at the end of 1997 - after runnng the JOYCE for about 13 years!

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