Because I was very curious referring to the screen functions of the JOYCE, I contacted AMSTRAD directly requesting the first informations about the internals of the JOYCE a long time before the magazine „PC-Schneider International" was reporting this issue. These reports („Joyce screen memory", „memory block layout" ( including tools for modifying the character matrix) as well as „CP/M device timeouts") are written by Cliff Lawson.

A very good compilation about the structure of the Joyce may be found here.

Some informations relating the Joyce character set will be found here.
Find here some links to articles referring to the access of the PCW screen memory (a compilation of methodes to calculate the screen address will be found here):
A look inside the Roller RAM JOYCE Firmware
Joyce screen memory GSX without secrets
Grafics for the Joyce Self-made graphics system
Mandelbrot for Pascal Turbo grafics running on the JOYCE
Superscript - adventure inside the Joyce Fast Drawline Algorithm
Grafics - without GSX? Grafics and roller RAM
Compressing JOYCE screens Pixels
In the heart of the JOYCE (Part 6: Face-to-face - the screen)
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Last updated: 2015 April 14