Mirrored Sites 


Over the years I have made partial copies of several sites, some of which have since disappeared for various reasons. In the interest of the wider community I am sharing here some of these copies, particularly those that I cannot find mirrored elsewhere.

I have done some cleanup of the mirrored sites as follows:

  • Updated urls to track changes to external site references and to use https where available.
  • Added missing external resources, where I have copies, could recreate them or find plausible alternatives.
  •  For sites that no longer exist, I have updated to point to mirrors elsewhere including on the Internet Archive, where possible.
  • The remaining non existent urls have either been converted to text or deleted.
  • mailto addresses remain intact, however it is unlikely that they are still functional accounts.

Werner's CP/M [AMSTRAD PCK aka JOYCE] Site - www.cirsovius.de

The main German site can be found here and the English version can be found here.

My own personal interest in this site was due to Werner's DASM Disassembler Projects.

For convenience a compressed copy of the site can be downloaded here (104Mb)

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