Old Software and Related Resources


This site contains a curated collection of old software I have acquired over many years, together with various tools I have developed.

Old Software

The software collection falls basically into three categories:

  1. A curated collection of applications; mainly for Intel ISIS.
  2. My own reverse engineering attempts for several applications.
  3. Disk images, together with their extracted content.


Whilst there are many sites that have copies of old manuals, the collection shared here,+ is primarily focused on software for Intel ISIS and CP/M.

I have also processed some of the documents using FineReader to clean up the pages and make them searchable. For a more limited set I have also added bookmarks to aid navigation.

I have also included some personal notes on various  topics.

Mirrored Sites

Regrettably a number of interesting websites have disappeared over the last few years for various reasons. Here you will find a small collection of sites I was able to partially copy before they disappeared.

Development [02-Nov-2020]

This is where you will find details on my reverse engineering efforts of old 8 bit software. It is also where I provide details on the support tools I have developed.

The page has links to my github sites where most of the reverse engineered code and tool source code are mastered.

Disk Tools [19-Nov-2020]

A selection of my own and ported applications to manage disk images. The update inlcudes a refreshed files repository and updated applications.

In addition to links to my github site for the source of the tools, I also provide downloadable copies of my Intel80 / Intel86 file repository, along with files that allow the creation of over 180 Intel disks in IMD or IMG format.

Other Downloads

Here you can find downloadable copies of parts of the website, to avoid the need for web crawlers. There are also copies of some archive tools, that I have modified to map file names that are invalid under windows.

Related Sites

A selection of websites I find useful.

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